Training & Consultancy

I attended a training session organised by Ibelema.  The training topic was Quality Risk Management. . It was well structured and well delivered.  All the specified learning outcomes and objectives were achieved. The training programme was very engaging and met my learning style. The training session was very pragmatic and I was able to resolve my quality risk management challenges. Ibelema has a deep quest for learning and is continually looking for ways to improve her training skills. Her years of working in the Pharmaceutical sector is an advantage as she has worked with various size pharmaceutical companies. Finally, Ibelema is a well-seasoned trainer with excellent presentation skills.

Lola E, QA Director

I have had the opportunity of sitting in some of Ibelema’s presentations and her enthusiasm for continuous professional development is demonstrated in her advanced research skills and her love of reading to provide relevant and reliable content. She demonstrates flexible organisational skills to plan, execute, evaluate and problem-solve to ensure value-added content and delivery. She has strong communication skills of active listening and explaining concepts with effective slide content and presentation to engage and stimulate her audience, for interactive participation to positively impact the learner’s experience,  Ibelema is a great asset as a trainer.

Julia B, Specialist Public Health Practioner

It is a privilege to work with Ibelema. She is a professional in her field with strong communication and flexible organisational skills. Ibelema enthusiasm for long life learning complements her passion and delivering impact in training. Ibelema is vast in quality knowledge, articulate, self-motivating with great organisation and leadership skills. Personally, over the years Ibelema has proved to be very dependable with a great attribute of “can-do attitude” in nature and exceptionally listening skills. 

Kemi M, Director