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Data Integrity: Asset or Liability

Confirm that your staff understand the concept of Data Integrity by asking them these questions Spontaneously; their response provides a true reflection on where organisation stands on this topic.

  • Does your organisation have a defined procedure on Data Governance? ( 1 mark)
  • State a definition of Data Integrity? ( 1 mark)
  • What are the principles of Data Integrity (5 marks)
  • Name the stages in a Data life cycle (5 marks)
  • Why is Data Integrity fundamental to an organisations Pharmaceutical Quality System ?(1 mark)
  • State two activities that are permissible within the framework of Data Integrity (2 marks)
  • State two activities that ARE NOT permissible within the framework of Data Integrity (2 marks)
  • State two consequences of failing to comply with the principles of Data Integrity? (2 marks)
  • Name the most crucial activity that can help an organisation enhance ensuring that Data Integrity is embedded its Pharmaceutical Quality System. (1 mark)
  • Name a regulatory body that ensures all pharma organisations comply to the principles of Data Integrity. (1 mark)

E.g of Scoring system

Score System
16-20: Congratulations and well done. This scoring demonstrates that your organisation is fully aware and understands the principles of Data Integrity.

1-15: Well done. This is a strong indicator that your organisation is taking this topic seriously and ensuring its staff is aware of the importance of Data Integrity. Additional Training is required

6-10: Staff are aware of the concept, further training is required to ensure a profound comprehension of the principle.

0-5: As an organisation you need to be greatly concerned about the lack of knowledge exhibited by your staff and immediate training is required.

If your staff score less than 16 marks please contact o discuss your immediate training requirements on Data Integrity.

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