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About Us

Who We Are

Setax Training and Consultancy Limited ; UK based registered company. Established in 2010 with focus on Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines. There are currently offices in London and Nigeria. (currently undergoing registration in Nairobi –Kenya)

We are a growing innovative and dynamic company providing Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines (GMP) training and consultancy solutions designed to clients’ specific requirements.


Provide quality pharmaceutical consultancy and training services that enable and enhance the production of quality pharma products. Ultimately ensures the end user (patient) is in receipt of medicine that is of the right quality, safety and efficacy.


We will ensure that we deliver outstanding and excellent services to all our clients. This  enables  them to develop and maintain quality management systems and well-trained staff.  This ensures they can attain the required GMP compliance and patients have the ultimate confidence in their products.

Core values

Strategic and Stimulating ( Strategic approach that stimulates your business growth)

Evaluate and Engaging (Our services are engaging with  a follow-up strategy to evaluate the impact of our services to your business)

Technology and Training (We ensure we are completely up to date with current technology  employed in our training and consultancy services)

Accountable and Activating  (Accountable to our clients and assist in activating the potential abilities  of staff to ultimately increase their productivity)

eXcellent and eXpertise (Our staff posses  the appropriate expertise to deliver excellent services}

Our Clients

For SMB –pharma companies who desire   GMP compliance, we provide in -depth Good manufacturing Practice (GMP) consulting and training services that plug the gaps in your Quality Management System. What makes us different?  we do not just walk away once we have completed our activities, we ensure an effective follow-up strategy to ensure the agreed outcomes are implemented and achieved.

Our objective  is to assist  our clients in enhancing the productivity of their  Quality Management Systems (QMS) aspect of the business by providing consulting services and developing tailor-made training courses.

This enable their employees achieve their maximum potentials in terms of the  companies set goals and objectives contributing to the long-term success of their company. This in return adds immense value to the business output.


We work closely with the clients to ensure their requirements are achieved and the clients QMS complies  current GMP guidelines.

With regards to our training services we have an effective follow-up strategy to evaluate and ensure the learning outcomes of the training programmes are implemented.